Office Cleaning


A strong cup of coffee in a squeaky-clean pantry is much more enjoyable than in a smelly one, don’t you agree? It is known that a good work environment can improve productivity, and this includes the cleanliness of the space. Worry not! Our team in Concierge offers you an easy strategy to maintain a positive workplace.
With Concierge, you can put your feet up and let us worry about making sure that the exceptional image of your company is reflected in the spotlessness of your office. Our professional team of cleaners will visit you with all necessary products and equipment to deliver a tailored cleaning experience for your office, ensuring a job well done and confidentiality.
Service includes:
- Light dusting of furniture
- Mopping of floors
- External kitchen cleaning
- Carpet vacuuming
- Bathroom cleaning
- Disinfection of work desk
- Pantry cleaning

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