Home Cleaning Services


Leading a busy life, are you? Between the office and home do you get the extra time to worry and carry out the cleaning, scrubbing and other household chores? Worry no more! Concierge offers you a one stop portal to a full luxury lifestyle management! From dusting all your surfaces to polishing your mirrors, our team of professional cleaners will grant you a spotless home and that extra time to spend with your loved ones.
Why choose us? Well, if you do, we will become your personal concierge. We provide a well-trained, reliable team to plan and execute a cleaning experience tailored to your needs. This service, like our other services, are offered on both a one-time basis and a contractual agreement. With the membership you can set up a schedule based on your preferences throughout the month, also choosing the same member of our team visit you allowing the session to be faster and efficient after they have become familiar with your home.
Our cleaning services include all cleaning solutions and equipment, so you do not have to worry about re-stocking! We use eco-friendly detergents which are safe for toddlers and pets.
Service includes:
- Light dusting of furniture
- Mopping of floors
- External kitchen cleaning
- Carpet vacuuming
- Bathroom cleaning
- Terrace and balcony floors mopping
- Overall tidying of the house

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