Established in Dubai, UAE Concierge is luxury lifestyle Management Program designed to introduce hassle free Concierge based Services with a hotel standard and affordable Prices.

Concierge’s Programs are designed to handle all your Corporate and Residential requirement hassle free. Covering all your day to day Errands and tasks.

The Concierge team is trained to Manage all tasks related to maintaining a Corporate or Residential Premises as a first stage. The concierge is handling all Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization task, Covering all types and size of premises and in all Conditions, (Old, New or Pre-handover).

The Planned future stages of Concierge will cover full facility Management for Corporate premises Grocery, Laundry, Car Services and Landscaping Services for residential Premises.

With your personal Concierge allocated just for you, your office / home. Management is one less thing for you to worry about


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